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Madison County Fair Association

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Lawn Mower Demolition Derby
Friday, July 28, 2017 - 7:00pm
$500.00 Purse
 Pit Passes   $20.00 per person
Entry Fee  $10.00 per class
1st Class 
Lawn Mowers with snap ring tires to hold on drive wheels  
1st Place .....$100.00
2nd Place .....$75.00
3rd Place .....$50.00

Show and Shine Contest
Winner ..... $50.00


Lawn Mower Demolition Derby General Rules


1)     Must be 18 years of age or parental consent form signed with parent present.


3)     Must have protection bracing around feet and legs – no other bracing allowed on lawn mower.

§        Allowed up to 15’ of steel to brace for legs and mower.

·        15’ of 1 ½” x 1 ½” x 1/8” (square or round tubing and/or angle iron).

·        No Motor Cages.

4)     RPMs, transmission, deck and governor must be stock.

5)     No engines over 20 horsepower.

6)     No wheel weights.

7)     No chains.

8)     Deck under lawn mower must be factory mounted (unless broke in previous derby, will allow FOUR ½” all threaded bolts, MUST NOT BE WELDED.)

9)     Battery must be covered with Rubber.

10)Deck belt must be removed or cut.

11)No PTO.

12)No 3-point hitch.

13)Must have standard hood, fender, etc.

14)Driver must make contact every 60 seconds or will be disqualified.

15)Any lawn mower that starts fire or loses deck will be disqualified.

16)Any lawn mower that loses the gas cap will be disqualified.

17)If you roll anyone over, you will be disqualified.

18)If you remove seat belt, you will be disqualified.

19)Must be able to open hood for pre-derby inspections.

20)Must meet all rules to compete.

21)                        NO OUTLAW CLASSES!!

22)                        ALL JUDGES RULINGS ARE FINAL.

23)                        NO ALCOHOL PERMITTED IN THE PIT AREA.


1ST CLASS  -  Lawn mowers with snap ring to hold wheels.

For More Information, Please Contact Dale 618-410-4582.